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dc.descriptionPhotoactive materials Pt/S-TiO2 were obtained by photodeposition of Pt on S-TiO2 photocatalyst synthesized from titanium oxysulfate (TiOSO4) using the integrated method sol-gel/solvothermal at low temperatures (250°C). The photodeposition was performed changing platinum concentration by 0.2% and 0.5% w/w and using two residence times of 60 min and 120 min. The properties of materials were determined by analysis of DRX, Raman, XRF, FTIR-ATR, XPS, UV-vis/DRS, SEM, EDX, TEM, surface area and porosity. The obtained materials were mesoporous and crystallized as anatase phase, incorporating 0.31% of S (by weight) and 85% of the nominal Pt value, showing absorption and photoactivity in both ultraviolet and visible radiation. The material prepared with higher Pt content and longer photodeposition time, 0.5/120 Pt/S-TiO2, reached the highest UV and visible photoactivities in the degradation of methyl orange in the liquid phase. © 2018 Centro de Informacion Tecnologica. All rights
dc.publisherCentro de Informacion Tecnologicaspa
dc.subjectAzo dyesspa
dc.subjectIntegrated controlspa
dc.subjectMesoporous materialsspa
dc.subjectSol-gel processspa
dc.subjectTitanium dioxidespa
dc.subjectDegradation of methyl orangesspa
dc.subjectPhotoactive materialsspa
dc.subjectPlatinum concentrationspa
dc.subjectTiO2 photocatalystspa
dc.subjectTitanium oxysulfatespa
dc.subjectVisible radiationsspa
dc.titlePhotocatalysts pt/S-TiO2 obtained by photodeposition of pt on S-TiO2 synthesized from TiOSO4 through the integrated method sol-Gel/Solvothermal at low temperatures [Fotocatalizadores pt/S-TiO2 obtenidos por fotodeposición de pt sobre S-TiO2 sintetizado a partir de TiOSO4 a través del método integrado sol-Gel/Solvotermal a bajas temperaturas]spa
dc.publisher.programIngeniería Ambientalspa
dc.contributor.affiliationMalo, J.E., Universidad de Antioquia;Mejía, M.I., Universidad de Antioquia; Universidad de Medellín;Marín, J.M., Universidad de Antioquiaspa
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ingenieríasspa
dc.relation.ispartofesInformacion Tecnologicaspa
dc.relation.referencesAbdennouri, M., Elhalil, A., Photocatalytic degradation of 2,4-D and 2,4-DP herbicides on pt/TiO2 nanoparticles (2015) Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 19, pp. 485-493. , otros doce autores;Balaganapathi, T., Kaniamuthan, B., Vinoth, S., Arun, T., Thilakan, P., Controlled synthesis of brookite and combined brookite with rutile phases of titanium di-oxide and its characterization studies (2017) Ceram. Int., 43, pp. 2438-2440;Bohórquez, A.J., Quiroz, H.P., Dussan, A., Propiedades estructurales y Ópticas de nanoestructuras de TiO2 depositadas por el método de deposición en baño químico para aplicaciones en sensores UV (2016) Inf. Tecnol., 27 (6), pp. 185-192;Choi, H.Ch., Jung, Y.M., Kim, S.B., Size effects in the raman spectra of TiO2 nanoparticles (2005) Vib. 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