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dc.descriptionThis paper aims to propose a new model for the manner in which companies manage innovation. To that end, some of the most important research on the topic is analyzed and summarized through a review of its historical background in the indexed databases in WoS (Web of Science) and an analysis of frequently used terms over the past 15 years (2001-2016). The analysis is developed through bibliometric techniques using VOSviewer software, version 1.6.4, seeking to identify recurring and related concepts, such as corporate entrepreneurship, that can leverage company innovation management from the strategy, inherent factors related to human resources and the environment in which the organization operates. Henceforth, this paper focuses on a new model to manage innovation in companies through a conceptualization of innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, this model can be useful in countries with low levels of cooperation between stakeholders and scarce resources, countries on bias of development like Latin America, Africa and some Asian countries. It can be concluded that the company innovation should start with the definition of its strategy, taking into account factors like the human talent and the environment in which the organization is operating, through customized innovation processes that can be applied following some of the multiple models referred to in the literature, framed within the needs of different stakeholders, as indicators of organizational performance. Therefore, the actors which are part of the model are: employees, clients, state, suppliers, academics, community, shareholders and business. © Manuela Escobar-Sierra, Luis Augusto Lara-Valencia, Pilar Valencia-DeLara,
dc.publisherLLC CPC Business Perspectivesspa
dc.subjectBibliometric techniquesspa
dc.subjectCorporate entrepreneurshipspa
dc.subjectInnovation managementspa
dc.subjectWeb of sciencespa
dc.titleModel for innovation management by companies based on corporate entrepreneurshipspa
dc.publisher.programAdministración de Empresasspa
dc.contributor.affiliationEscobar-Sierra, M., Universidad de Medellín;Lara-Valencia, L.A., Universidad Nacional de Colombia;Valencia-DeLara, P., Universidad de Medellínspa
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativasspa
dc.relation.ispartofesProblems and Perspectives in Managementspa
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