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dc.creatorTabares Betancur M.S.
dc.creatorLochmuller C.
dc.descriptionThis article proposes a multidimensional space to control manage processes by integrating different views of the organization. The methodology for the development of the proposal is based on a qualitative research design, which is characterized through three activities: the definition of the multidimensional space from the perspectives of the enterprise architecture, the maturity model, and the organizational management. A conceptual experimental case study for a credit application was then carried out, which showed possible inter-relationships between the defined scales and elements. Finally, it was concluded that it is possible to establish standard characteristics for process management that guide the organization from different points of view, when faced with complex transformations. © 2011 Universidad ICESI. Published by Elsevier España, S.L. All rights reserved.
dc.publisherUniversidad Icesi
dc.sourceEstudios Gerenciales
dc.subjectEnterprise architecture
dc.subjectManagement level
dc.subjectMaturity model
dc.subjectMultidimensional space
dc.subjectProcess management
dc.titleProposal of a multidimensional space for process management. A case study [Proposta de um espaço multidimensional para a gestão por processos. Um estudo de caso] [Propuesta de un espacio multidimensional para la gestión por procesos. Un estudio de caso]
dc.publisher.programIngeniería de Sistemas
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ingenierías
dc.affiliationTabares Betancur, M.S., Universidad de Medellín, Carrera 87 N? 30 65, Medellín, Colombia; Lochmuller, C., Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia
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