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dc.creatorVega J.
dc.creatorRodriguez M.
dc.creatorAlarcon L.
dc.description"The lack of updating and unreliability of information has become one of the main problems that occur in the area of management of unpaved roads in developing countries as Colombia. Therefore, a GIS-based application was developed which allows keeping updated all the information at the structural and functional level of the road, and to control the premature pavement deterioration favouring the support for making decisions in management activities of the unpaved road network. In the municipality of Urrao (Antioquia), a research proposal on ""La Encarnación"" road was proposed. The Road Trial Section (RTS) is part of a bidirectional 3rd level road, which has 240 m-length and a 4 m-width. The RTS was divided into eight segments or cells (30 m-length), where each of them was stabilized with different conventional and unconventional materials (cement, hydrated lime, coal ash, brick dust, sulfonated oil, polymer and sugarcane sludge). Based on the results gathered in six pavement performance follow-up and evaluation campaigns, a geospatial database (GDB) was designed. This GDB is the core of the application ""SGVVT Urrao v1.0"" which is able to represent graphically the behaviour of the tests of functionality and the bearing capacity carried out (International Roughness Index, slip resistance, surface macro texture, lightweight deflectometer and visual inspection). The application is able to forecast the deterioration values allowing the prioritization of rehabilitation activities for the most affected sections in a given time period which is possible to extend the useful life of the roads, reduce the operation cost of the vehicles, and guarantee the road safety and the comfort of the unpaved road network users. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd."
dc.publisherInstitute of Physics Publishing
dc.sourceIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
dc.subjectCoal ash
dc.subjectCoal dust
dc.subjectDeveloping countries
dc.subjectEarth sciences
dc.subjectGeographic information systems
dc.subjectHighway planning
dc.subjectHydrated lime
dc.subjectInformation management
dc.subjectLime brick
dc.subjectMotor transportation
dc.subjectConservation and maintenance
dc.subjectGeo-spatial database
dc.subjectInternational roughness index
dc.subjectManagement activities
dc.subjectPavement deterioration
dc.subjectPavement performance
dc.subjectPilot applications
dc.subjectRehabilitation activities
dc.subjectHighway administration
dc.titleImplementation of a GIS-based pilot application for roads management applied to the conservation and maintenance of unpaved low traffic roads
dc.typeConference Papereng
dc.publisher.programIngeniería Civil
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ingenierías
dc.affiliationVega, J., School of Engineering, Civil Engineering Program at Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia; Rodriguez, M., School of Engineering, Civil Engineering Program at Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia; Alarcon, L., School of Engineering, Civil Engineering Program at Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia
dc.relation.referencesHuntington, G., Ksaibati, K., Gravel roads management:Implementation guide (2010) Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Mountain-Plains Consortium, , September 29
dc.relation.referencesJones, D., Kociolek, A., Surdahl, R., Bolander, P., Drewes, B., Duran, M., Fay, L., Williams, B., (2013) Unpaved Road Dust Management, A Successful Practitioner's Handbook, , Western Transportation Institute. Federal Highway Administration. Central Federal Lands Highway Division. Report FHWA-CFL/TD-13-001. January
dc.relation.references(2013) Program of Research and Technological Innovation in New Materials and Constructive Processes for Road Infrastructure, , Red INNOVIAL. University of Antioquia, University of Medellín, Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (COLCIENCIAS), Others. Code 550354332007, CT-0654-2012

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