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dc.creatorNúñez C.
dc.creatorNavarro A.
dc.creatorCortés S.
dc.creatorLópez J.
dc.creatorAguirre-Loaiza H.
dc.creatorTrujillo C.
dc.descriptionFrom a non-experimental transverse design, we sought to identify the possible relationship between BI and CS, and their differences according to surgical-medical variables (surgical intervention, time of diagnosis and stage of cancer). Thirty-seven women diagnosed with breast cancer from all stages participated. The Stress Coping Questionnaire for Oncological Patients (CAEPO), the Body Image Scale (BIS) and an Ad-hoc questionnaire were used. No relationship was found between BI and CS, and these did not vary according to the surgical procedure (radical mastectomy and conservative surgery), the time of diagnosis in years (less than 1, between 1 and 3, between 3 and 5, and more of 5), or the stage (0 or in situ, I, II, III and IV); however, the patients who did not receive surgical intervention showed greater deterioration of their BI than those who did. © 2018 by Sociedad Chilena de Psicología Clínica.
dc.publisherSociedad Chilena de Psicologia Clinica
dc.sourceTerapia Psicologica
dc.titleBody image (BI) and coping strategies (CS): Analysis of medical and surgical characteristics in women diagnosed with breast cancer [Imagen corporal (IC) y estrategias de afrontamiento (EA): Análisis de las características médico quirúrgicas en mujeres con diagnóstico de cáncer de mama]
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanasspa
dc.affiliationNúñez, C., Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationNavarro, A., Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, Médico Hospital San Juan de Dios, Armenia, Colombia, Corporación Universitaria Alexander von Humboldt, Colombia
dc.affiliationCortés, S., Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, extensión Armenia, Armenia, Colombia, Corporación Universitaria Alexander von Humboldt, Colombia
dc.affiliationLópez, J., Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Universidad Santiago de Cali., Cali, Colombia
dc.affiliationAguirre-Loaiza, H., Universidad del Valle, Universidad Católica de Pereira, Colombia
dc.affiliationTrujillo, C., Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia
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