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dc.contributor.authorRestrepo S
dc.contributor.authorDuque M.P
dc.contributor.authorBello S
dc.contributor.authorTirado L.M
dc.contributor.authorEcheverría F
dc.contributor.authorZuleta A.A
dc.contributor.authorCastaño J.G
dc.contributor.authorCorrea E.
dc.description.abstractAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is one of the most widely used polymers in the manufacture of different parts in engineering applications. This polymer is sometimes subjected to metallizing processes that seek to modify the surface properties of the accessories. These processes often require the use of chromium and palladium. Some of the accessories in which ABS is used are subjected during their day-to-day use to environments in which they are prone to colonization of bacteria, generating multiple problems that affect both human health and the useful life of different equipment and devices. Recently, there have been great developments of nanoparticles with antibacterial properties, such as zinc oxides. However, these nanoparticles have not yet been incorporated and evaluated in metal coatings on ABS substrates with a view to conferring such properties on the polymer. This work implements the use of an electroless antibacterial Ni-P coating, modified with zinc oxide nanoparticles through processes free of chromium and palladium, on ABS substrates. The results showed that the addition of zinc oxide nanoparticles in quantities of 0.5 g/L and above in the electroless bath confer antibacterial characteristics on the surface for S. aureus under JIS Z 2801 standard. Through the methodology developed, the future development of 3D printed parts with metallized coating is possible, implementing processes chrome and palladium free, expanding the applications and uses of these. © 2023, The Author(s).eng
dc.publisherSpringer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
dc.sourceInt J Adv Manuf Technol
dc.sourceInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologyeng
dc.subjectElectroless nickel coatingseng
dc.subjectZnO2 nanoparticleseng
dc.titleAntibacterial evaluation of electroless Ni–P coating with ZnO nanoparticles on 3D printed ABSeng
dc.publisher.programIngeniería de Materialesspa
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ingenieríasspa
dc.affiliationRestrepo, S., Centro de Investigación, Innovación y Desarrollo de Materiales – CIDEMAT, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia, Grupo de Investigación Industrial en Diseño de Materiales a partir de Minerales y Procesos – IDIMAP, Sumicol S.A.S, Sabaneta, Colombia
dc.affiliationDuque, M.P., Centro de Investigación, Innovación y Desarrollo de Materiales – CIDEMAT, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationBello, S., Materiales con Impacto – MAT&MPAC, Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationTirado, L.M., Grupo de Investigación de Estudios en Diseño - GED, Facultad de Diseño Industrial, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Circular 1 No 70-01, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationEcheverría, F., Centro de Investigación, Innovación y Desarrollo de Materiales – CIDEMAT, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationZuleta, A.A., Grupo de Investigación de Estudios en Diseño - GED, Facultad de Diseño Industrial, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Circular 1 No 70-01, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationCastaño, J.G., Centro de Investigación, Innovación y Desarrollo de Materiales – CIDEMAT, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia
dc.affiliationCorrea, E., Materiales con Impacto – MAT&MPAC, Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia
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dc.identifier.reponamereponame:Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Medellín
dc.identifier.instnameinstname:Universidad de Medellín

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