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dc.creatorRodríguez-Magdaleno K.A.
dc.creatorMora-Ramos M.E.
dc.creatorPérez-Álvarez R.
dc.creatorMartínez-Orozco J.C.
dc.descriptionIn this paper we theoretically investigate the role of hydrostatic pressure by analyzing its influence on potential barrier's height in GaAs/AlxGa1?xAs core/shell spherical quantum dots. The values of hydrostatic pressure considered here are always below the ??X crossover. In addition, we take into account the barrier shell's size effects and the barrier's aluminum concentration, looking for a description of the features of the intraband optical absorption coefficient in the system. The electronic structure is calculated within the effective mass approximation. From the numerical point of view the hybrid matrix method was implemented to avoid numerical instability issues that appears in the conventional transfer matrix method. The main intersubband optical transition is considered to take place between the 1s and 1p computed electronic states. The results show that the absorption coefficient undergoes first a red-shift and later a more pronounced blue-shift, depending on the AlxGa1?xAs barrier width (wb1). The absorption coefficient experiences a blue-shift as the barrier's aluminum concentration increases, and it is non monotonically red-shifted as the hydrostatic pressure augments, due to the barrier's height pressure dependency. For the chosen system parameters, the absorption coefficient resonant peak lies within the range of 20 to 30 meV, that corresponds to the THz frequency region. Accordingly, this system can be proposed as a building block for photodetectors in the THz electromagnetic spectrum region. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd
dc.publisherElsevier Ltd
dc.sourceMaterials Science in Semiconductor Processing
dc.subjectAbsorption coefficient
dc.subjectIntraband transitions
dc.subjectSpherical quantum dot
dc.subjectBlue shift
dc.subjectElectronic structure
dc.subjectGallium arsenide
dc.subjectHydrostatic pressure
dc.subjectIII-V semiconductors
dc.subjectLight absorption
dc.subjectNumerical methods
dc.subjectRed Shift
dc.subjectSemiconducting gallium
dc.subjectSemiconductor quantum dots
dc.subjectAbsorption co-efficient
dc.subjectEffective mass approximation
dc.subjectElectromagnetic spectra
dc.subjectIntersubband optical transitions
dc.subjectIntraband transitions
dc.subjectOptical absorption coefficients
dc.subjectSpherical quantum dot
dc.subjectTera Hertz
dc.subjectTransfer matrix method
dc.titleEffect of the hydrostatic pressure and shell's Al composition in the intraband absorption coefficient for core/shell spherical GaAs/AlxGa1?xAs quantum dots
dc.publisher.programFacultad de Ciencias Básicas
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ciencias Básicas
dc.affiliationRodríguez-Magdaleno, K.A., Unidad Académica de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Calzada Solidaridad esquina con Paseo La Bufa S/N, C.P. 98060, Zac., Zacatecas, Mexico; Mora-Ramos, M.E., Centro de Investigación en Ciencias, Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Básicas y Aplicadas, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Av. Universidad 1001, Cuernavaca, Morelos, CP 62209, Mexico, Facultad de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Colombia; Pérez-Álvarez, R., Centro de Investigación en Ciencias, Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Básicas y Aplicadas, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Av. Universidad 1001, Cuernavaca, Morelos, CP 62209, Mexico; Martínez-Orozco, J.C., Unidad Académica de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Calzada Solidaridad esquina con Paseo La Bufa S/N, C.P. 98060, Zac., Zacatecas, Mexico
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