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dc.creatorMorales G.
dc.creatorCampillo G.
dc.creatorVélez E.
dc.creatorOsorio J.
dc.creatorUrquijo J.
dc.creatorVelásquez Á.A.
dc.descriptionIn this study, magnetic nanoparticles of magnetite were prepared by an eco-friendly method using aqueous leaf extracts of Aloe vera and Kalanchoe daigremontiana. These vegetal extracts have suitable characteristics such as high availability, low cost, and serve as good colloidal stabilizers. Synthetized products were characterized by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Room Temperature Mossbauer Spectroscopy (RT-MS), and their potential use as adsorbents for Hg (II) removal in natural waters was evaluated by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). Size distribution and morphology of the products obtained by TEM show spherical nanoparticles composites, with sizes between 3 and 10 nm for both extracts. Mossbauer spectra are consistent with superparamagnetic particles for both samples. Moreover, particles from both extracts showed mercury removal efficiencies above 75%. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
dc.publisherInstitute of Physics Publishing
dc.sourceJournal of Physics: Conference Series
dc.subjectAbsorption spectroscopy
dc.subjectAtomic absorption spectrometry
dc.subjectEngineering research
dc.subjectHigh resolution transmission electron microscopy
dc.subjectMagnetite nanoparticles
dc.subjectMercury compounds
dc.subjectMossbauer spectroscopy
dc.subjectSynthesis (chemical)
dc.subjectAqueous leaf extracts
dc.subjectAtomic absorption spectroscopy
dc.subjectColloidal stabilizers
dc.subjectHigh availability
dc.subjectMagnetic nano-particles
dc.subjectMossbauer spectra
dc.subjectSpherical nanoparticles
dc.subjectSuperparamagnetic particles
dc.titleGreen synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles using leaf extracts of Aloe vera and Kalanchoe daigremontiana to remove divalent mercury from natural waters
dc.typeConference Paper
dc.publisher.programIngeniería Ambiental
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ciencias Básicas;Facultad de Ingenierías
dc.affiliationMorales, G., Facultad de Ingenierias, Universidad de Medellin, Medellin, Colombia; Campillo, G., Facultad de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad de Medellin, Medellin, Colombia; Vélez, E., Facultad de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad de Medellin, Medellin, Colombia; Osorio, J., Instituto de Fisica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, No. 52-21, Colombia; Urquijo, J., Facultad de Ingenierias, Universidad de Medellin, Medellin, Colombia; Velásquez, Á.A., Departamento de Ciencias Fisicas, Escuela de Ciencias Fisicas, Grupo de Electromagnetismo Aplicado, Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
dc.source.bibliographicCitationAraújo, R., Meira, A., Fiúza, A., (2015) Materials Today: Proceedings, 2, pp. 315-320
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