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dc.descriptionTeaching software architecture to undergraduate students is particularly hard because they typically have no experience with medium or large systems with competing stakeholders. A particularly hard case is ATAM (Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method), which allows the evaluation of architectural designs and quality attributes by competing stakeholders. This article describes ATAM-RPG, a role-playing game to support the teaching of ATAM by simulating stakeholder's interaction and trade-offs. The initial ATAM-RPG case incorporates the architecture, scenarios and design trade-offs of the Chilean national tsunami alert system (SNAM). The approach was tested by deploying the SNAM case in undergraduate courses; initial results show that ATAM-RPG was well-evaluated regarding trade-off description and understanding (and especially utility trees). Students also recognized the importance of exercising technically-based negotiation skills. We conclude that role playing games can be fruitfully used for software architecture education. © 2017
dc.publisher43rd Latin American Computer Conference, CLEI 2017spa
dc.subjectarchitecture trade-off negotiationspa
dc.subjectrole playing gamesspa
dc.subjectsoftware architecturespa
dc.subjectsoftware engineering educationspa
dc.subjectComputer softwarespa
dc.subjectInteractive computer graphicsspa
dc.subjectQuality controlspa
dc.subjectSoftware architecturespa
dc.subjectSoftware engineeringspa
dc.subjectArchitecture educationspa
dc.subjectQuality attributesspa
dc.subjectRole-playing gamespa
dc.subjectTrade offspa
dc.subjectTrade-off analysisspa
dc.subjectUndergraduate Coursesspa
dc.subjectUndergraduate studentsspa
dc.subjectEconomic and social effectsspa
dc.titleATAM-RPG: A role-playing game to teach architecture trade-off analysis method (ATAM)spa
dc.typeConference Papereng
dc.publisher.programIngeniería de Sistemasspa
dc.contributor.affiliationMontenegro, C.H., Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María;Astudillo, H., Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María;Álvarez, M.C.G., Universidad de Medellínspa
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ingenieríasspa
dc.relation.ispartofes2017 43rd Latin American Computer Conference, CLEI 2017spa
dc.relation.referencesKazman, R., Klein, M., Clements, P., (2000) ATAM: Method for Architecture Evaluation (No. CMU/SEI-2000-TR-004), , Carnegie-Mellon Univ Pittsburgh PA Software Engineering Inst;Bass, L., Clements, P., Kazman, R., (2012) Software Architecture in Practice, , (3rd Ed.). Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley;Shaw, M., Garlan, D., (1996) Software Architecture. Perspectives on An Emerging Discipline, , Upper Saddle Paver, N. J.: Prentice Hall;Shaw, M., Garlan, D., (1996) Software Architecture. Perspectives on An Emerging Discipline, , Upper Saddle Paver, N.J.: Prentice Hall;Rozanski, N., Woods, E., (2012) Software Systems Architecture: Working with Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives, , (2nd ed) Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers;Babar, M., Zhu, L., Jeffery, R., A framework for classifying and comparing software architecture evaluation methods (2004) Software Engineering Conference, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 Australian, pp. 309-318. , IEEE;Kazman, R., Clements, P., Klein, M., (2003) Evaluating Software Architectures, , Beijing: Tsinghua University Press;Hainey, T., (2010) Using Games Based Learning to Teach Requirements Collection and Analysis at Tertiary Education Level, , Ph.D. Thesis, University of the West of Scotland;Rusu, A., Russell, R., Robinson, J., Rusu, A., Learning Software Engineering Basic Concepts using a Five-Phase Game (2010) 2010 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2010), , Washington, DC, Oct;Constantino, F., Di Gravio, G., Shaban, A., Tronci, M., A simulation Based Game Approach for Teaching Operations Management Topics (2012) 2012 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2012), pp. 1-12. , Berlin, Dec;Sitzmann, T., A Meta-Analytic Examination of the Instructional Effectiveness of Computer-Based Simulation Games (2011) Personnel Psychology, 64 (2), pp. 489-528. , Summer;Purarjomaldlangrudi, A., Ghapanchi, A.H., Applications of Educational Serious Games for Information Technology Related Subjects in Higher Education (2013) The International Management Review;Calderón, M.E., Cedeño, A., Enseñanza del concepto de arquitectura de tres capas integrado con UML (2013) I Jornadas de Docencia en Computación e Informática, , JODCI, San Pedro, Costa Rica;Moreno Guerrero, A.J., El proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje mediante el uso de plataformas virtuales en distintas etapas educativas (2011) Revista INTEFP, ,, August, Last visit: 2014-06-15;Pedraza-García, G., Astudillo, H., Correal, D., A Methodological Approach to Apply Security Tactics in Software Architecture Design COLCOM 2014;Yachan Galarce, D., (2014) Módulo de Soporte de Decisiones para Sistema Integrado de Predicción y Alerta de Tsunamis. Memoria de Titulación para Optar Al Título de Ingeniero Civil Informático, , Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria;Hidalgo, C., (2007) Desarrollo de Software en Línea para la Simulación de Juegos de Rol, , Tesis para optar al título profesional de Ingeniero Civil en Computación e Informática: Universidad del Mar La Serenaspa

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