Recent Submissions

  • Systemic approach to the influence of climate on the dynamics of the municipality of Pasto, Colombia 

    Ortega Chamorro, Luis Carlos; Cañón Barriga, Julio Eduardo (Universidad de MedellínFacultad de IngenieríasMedellín, 2023-08-16)
    The impact of climate change in intermediate cities is a topic of growing interest on Latin America. This study analyzed the influence of climate in the city of Pasto, Colombia. Based on several land use planning methodologies, ...
  • Using a Logit Model to Predict Plurality of Bidders in Public Tenders 

    Valencia Rodríguez,Susana María; Acevedo Prins, Natalia; Rojas López, Miguel David (Universidad de MedellínFacultad de IngenieríasMedellín, 2023-02-24)
    State contracting is a relevant issue for society’s participants, because through this mechanism State resources are invested, seeking the fulfillment of development plan objectives, which in turn are synonymous with ...
  • Interpretative structural model development for the identification of key factors for implementing Lean Healthcare 

    Ruíz Orjuela, Erika Tatiana; Ortiz Pimiento, Néstor Raúl; Carreño, Diego Andrés (Universidad de MedellínFacultad de IngenieríasMedellín, 2023-03-01)
    The Lean philosophy has demonstrated benefits in organizations of different business sectors through the elimination of waste and the generation of value; research conducted in this field has sought to identify the critical ...